The Church of Christ in China Shum Oi Church Kindergarten
The Church of Christ in China
Shum Oi Church Kindergarten
Supportive Measures for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students:
  • Provide integrated education by allowing interaction between NCS and native Chinese students through free games and various learning activities, hoping to enhance NCS students’proficiency in communicating in Chinese and foster a culture of integrated community.
  • Put in place after-class Chinese learning support group to increase the chance for NCS students to learn Chinese with a view to enriching their proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese.
  • Arrange additional assistance teachers for NCS students in learning Chinese.
  • Procure additional teaching materials, including learner’s cards, storybooks, teaching tools, etc., to enhance NCS students’learning experience regarding Chinese.
  • Procure some teaching tools relevant to minorities to enhance NCS students’sense of belonging.
  • Encourage NCS parents to take part in our parent-child activities with a view to forming a bond in the relationship between Chinese speaking and NCS parents.
  • Provide English version for all of our communications, assessment reports and notices to parents to facilitate NCS parents’ understanding of the learning performance and kindergarten news and, therefore, fortify parent-school cooperation.
  • Provide interpreters from a minority background to provide interpretation service at parent meetings with a view to strengthening communications with NCS parents.
  • Promote inter-racial, inter-cultural activities to enrich the culture of inclusion in our kindergarten.